Born in 1977, I have spent the majority of my life as a Washington resident.  An avid drawer since childhood, my dream of being a working artist finally materialized in 2003 when I gave up my job in accounting to go back to school for art.


My paintings explore space, distance, and emotion with paint and process.  Each finished painting starts as a small study that is spontaneously created and then meticulously studied and recorded.


Looking back on my childhood, long road trips through desolate places and summers spent at the Oregon coast definitely impacted my attraction to quiet and profound places.  A desire to re-create my own personal sense of this type of space, regardless of my current surroundings, permeates my work.  My paintings are as much a process of self-discovery, through a search for what currently resonates with me in my work, as they are about trying to find something that is outside of me and almost spiritual in nature.


For more information, please see my Artist Statement and Resume



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